• Shan Highlands Trail Run 2020

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    It's our great pleasure to announce that the Shan Highlands Trail 2020 will be held on the 1st March 2020.


    This lovely, but relatively unknown town is located approximately 60km north of Kalaw, in Southern Shan State. The first event was held in 2019 when 80 runners completed the course and was deemed a great success.


    Working with local partners and the local community, Myanmar Trail Run has now arranged for the second edition of the Shan Highlands Trail Run. Set over approximately 23.3km with an elevation of around 560m, this adventurous and hilly trail takes runners through the incredible natural environment, mixing adventure with local culture. With something for every runner, we believe this amazing trail has the potential to attract many runners from all over the world.


    Whether you are an aspiring trail-runner or a seasoned racer looking for new challenges, unparalleled experiences are offered in this new running event.


    But the run isn’t just about running! One of the main reasons that the trail has been set in Ywa Ngan is to promote and support the local village economy through community-based tourism. Like many small villages in Myanmar, this community struggles at many levels, health, education and employment, to name but a few.


    Shan Highlands Trail Run March 1st 2020


    With limited accommodation and limited runners allowed on the trail, register early to avoid disappointment.


    Starting/Finishing point: Field in front of Shwe Pwint Lin Monastery, Ywa Ngan

    Marshalls will help runners offer bag drop, toilet, hydration before/after race

    Race pack collection

    29th Feb 12:00pm~8:00pm Ywa Ngan

    Starting time: 6:00am, Race Cut off time: 12:00pm

    The event cut off time is 12pm. Closing time of aid stations - 5km station 8am, 10km station 9am, 15km station 10:30am, 20km station 11:30am. At this time Course Marshals will all return to Ywa Ngan. If you are still on the trail, you can continue to follow the trail markings to the finish line.


    Tips for running equipment

    We highly recommend bringing the following running equipment:

    1. Arm sleeve/ calf sleeve (or long sleeve shirt/ running tights); To avoid getting scratches on arms and legs during running, as a part of the trail is very bushy. Sleeves and tights will offer some protection.

    2. Refillable hydration bottle; we have 4 water/aid stations on the route for you to refill your bottles. Being environmentally conscious, we won't provide water in plastic bottles. You will be able to refill your own bottle only.

    3. Network coverage - MPT sim only. As you will appreciate, many rural areas in Myanmar, like Ywa Ngan, have very little if any network coverage. If you need to call our emergency numbers during the race, Only the MPT network will provide a good connection.

    4. First aid kit; Whether you slip and fall on a rock or—gasp!—get bitten by a snake, or sprain and ankle, it is always best to be prepared on the trail. A couple of bandaids, antiseptic, gauze and 1 or 2 10cm wide crepe bandages are recommended.

    5. Foot wear; Foot wear is important. Given the varied terrain we recommend you choose a good all rounder trail running shoe if possible,, which are capable of handling smooth, rocky, wet, and dry terrain. These will also help prevent ankle sprains etc..

  • What's New

    From Myanmar Trail Run

  • Course Maps

    Distance: 23.3km Elevation: 559m

    There are 2 technical area in the route, 10km~13km and 15km~20km.

    Especailly, 16km~17km is so steep, narrow rocky trail that requires a slow pace. Safety first!

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  • Accommodation

    We highly recommend that racers stay in Ywa Ngan on the night of 29th Feb, as th erace will start at 6am on the 1st March.

    Accomodation can be arranged through us on the registration page.

    You can check out accommodation here:


  • How to register

    Easy 3 steps to experience the amazing trail


    Online registration

    All runners need to register using Webscore





    1. Credit Card via PayPal

    2. Bank transfer

    3. Cash at Alala Shop



    We'll send a confirmation email within 3 business days. When you come to collect race pack, please show us.

  • What to do in Ywa Ngan

    Enjoy the unspoiled nature

    Coffee plantation Tour

    Taste the high quality coffee

    A visit to our coffee plantations, our rare coffee nursery, and our coffee processing facilities. To complete the seed to cup mission of the visit, Genius will also roast and analyze the characteristics of the coffee we are drinking. After the race we will invite all runners to coffee plantations if you want.

    Trekking, Waterfalls, Caves

    ​Find a fabulous landscape

    There are numerous breathtaking spots which you can touch the unspoiled nature. Blue water pond, Ashae Myin Anauk Myin Mountain,Tae Lu Waterfall,Yae Win Cave, and so on.

  • Where is Ywa Ngan

    It's a hidden gem of southern Shan Highland in Myanmar, which is famous town of coffee bean plantations. 2 hours drive away from Kalaw. 4 hours drive away from Mandalay.

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    100 plus Myanmar

    Hydration Sponsor

    100plus Myanmar is one of the leading isotonic drink suppliers in Myanmar. 100plus Myanmar is always supporting the running events in Myanmar like Yangon 100PLUS Active Run, Yoma Yangon Int. Marathon, Kalaw Trail Run, and Ywangan Trail as well. Runners will be able to relieve their throat after/during our tough race.




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