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Frequently Asked Questions

What time does the run start? 6:00AM! So you’ll need to bring a headtorch.

How long is the run? The run is approximately 23km. This year there will only be one distance, but if you’re not running please feel free to go for your own walk or run.

How do I pay? When you register you will see details for how to pay including bank transfer, in person at Alala shop or PayPal.

How will I get there? When you register for the run you can also register for a place on the bus from Yangon straight to Ywa Ngan, for 45,000MMK per person return. The details are below:

Departs Friday 28th February

  • There will be 2 pick-ups (please don’t be late!):

    • 9:00pm Downtown Yangon on Kun Chan Road near the Asia Express bus Google Maps pin-

    • 9:30pm Seik Pyo Yay bus stop on Pyay Road near Junction Square -

  • Arrives in Ywa Ngan approximately 8:00am Saturday Morning.

Returns Sunday 1st March (Race Day)

  • Bus departs Ywa Ngan at 1:00pm and will drop off at the same points as above

What if I’m coming from Heho or Kalaw? We won’t be arranging transport from other locations. If you want to arrange your own, Myanmar Responsible Tourism Institute (MRTI) recommends Kaung Kaung Travel & Tour Ywangan (09256507335) and Ma Thinzar (09428146054).

Where will I stay? When you register for the run please also register your accommodation. Accommodation costs 20,000MMK per person (sharing) and includes breakfast. We will email all who have registered for accommodation with their allocated hotel before Saturday.

We strongly recommend staying in Ywa Ngan to ensure you can make the 6:00AM start time. If you stay in Kalaw, you will need to arrange a taxi to leave at around 3:30AM.

If you want to stay extra nights, you can contact the guesthouses directly - just let us know so we can ensure you’re in the same hotel on Saturday night:

  • Shwe Gu Gu Hotel - 09 428 375 740

  • Genius Hotel - 09 269 207 841

  • Mibamyitta Hotel - 09 250 632 077

  • Sein Yaung Soe Hotel - 09 780 809 509

What will I need for the run? In addition to your running clothes and shoes, we recommend:

  • A headtorch (it will be dark at the start of the race)

  • Running cap or visor

  • Sunglasses

  • A water bottle or hydration/camel pak (we will have stations to refill, but will not be handing out plastic bottles)

  • Tissues,

  • Snacks/gels

  • Arm sleeve/ calf sleeve (or long sleeve shirt/ running tights); To avoid getting scratches on arms and legs during running, as a part of the trail is very bushy

  • First aid kit; Whether you slip and fall on a rock or—gasp!—get bitten by a snake, or sprain and ankle, it is always best to be prepared on the trail. A couple of bandaids, antiseptic, gauze and 1 or 2 10cm wide crepe bandages are recommended.

  • A phone with a MPT sim. As you will appreciate, many rural areas in Myanmar like Ywa Ngan, have very little network coverage. If you need to call our emergency numbers during the race, only the MPT network will provide a good connection.

Is there water on the course? Yes! There will be water stations. We will let you know closer to the date what kilometers they will be at.

How will I know where to go? The course will be clearly marked out with tape. You can also see the course on the website here We will email a link for a map on Guru Maps as well prior to the race.

What if I hurt myself on the course? Take your phone with you on the race so you can contact the emergency numbers that we will share in your race packs. We recommend having an MPT sim for coverage in the area. There will also be volunteers and first aid workers available to help spaced out through the course.

Are there prizes? Yes! All runners will receive a medal and a t-shirt. The top 3 in each category will receive prizes from our sponsors, Alala and Sports Gear Trading Ltd.

Have more questions? Get in touch via Facebook Messenger (Myanmar Trail Run) or email

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