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On the way to Ywa Ngan

During the way to Ywa Ngan from Kalaw, you can admire a glorious hillside view from car. However, once time permits, there are several spots to drop by. Our free shuttle bus from Kalaw to Ywa Ngan on 23rd March will stop over these spots! (Now also considering about shuttle bus returning from Ywa Ngan to Kalaw on 24th March, but not sure yet.)

Blue water pond

It appears that groundwater emerges and flows down a stream, which is the reason the water is incredibly clear. Local people believes that there must be some treasure such as emerald bowl buried beneath the lake by angles and that there are a lot of spirits guarding the lake .

Taw Kyae Waterfall

It is a small and beautiful, multi-tiered waterfall made of limestone and mineral deposits, which is located near Blue water pond. The water was drizzling from the rock like a sprinkler. There is also a small bamboo bridge to cross the waterfall.

Main Ma Ye Thakhinma Taung

There is a tragic legend about this mountain. Once upon a time, a king falls in love with a Shan beautiful lady. He eagerly desired to get married to her. However she couldn't accept him So she run away and committed suicide by jumping off this mountain cliff. Curiously, her mortal remains was never found.

If you climb up to the top of hill, the view is very amazing and picturesque. It makes you feel refreshed and really open the mind.

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