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Route Description(2)

Having passed 5km Aid station, runners will go into a narrow single trail (see next pic is the point of this section) . Following route marking tapes, run through the small hillsides. Then you will reach another broad trail at 6.3km. From 6.3km to 9.5km(10km Aid station), it continues uncomplicated unpavement trail (sandy a bit).

Then you will find 10km Aid station.( see next pic. we will set it left side of this pic.) Having passed this point, you will enter the first technical section of the route.

We move on a bushy area like next pic. Don't lose the sight of the route(10km-11km).

After this bushy area, the trail joins a rocky road like a moon suface that heads up to hill (11km-12km).

Finally, before the end of the first technical section, runners will be on the steep downhill with a lot of rocks.  Be careful as you make your way down(12km-12.5km).

This technical section is a bit tough, though, we can definitely enjoy the picturesque view from hill top, along the route. 

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