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Route discription(3)

This last part is the highlight of this event. After 13km, runners will come back to the village. the road is sandy a bit but an easy way to take a breath until 15km aid station. You can enjoy plantation scenery which reminds you of a nostalgic feel. Through 3rd aid station(15km), runners will move on the the most difficult technical part of this route. Sometimes, runners will encounter a steep rocky trail and need to climb it up by being supported by hands . (please keep your eyes open for the route markers.) 

credited to DC

However, having passed that bumpy single track, a breathtaking view will be there (17km).

Head down through the sandy village road, the trail will cross the final rocky & bushy hill(19km). although your heart rate might be near max zone there, please look around! Amazing! You would meet with an unforgettable sight! After passing the 20km aid station, a flat and easy trail would be continued and go back to center of Ywa Ngan until finish point.

*This Trail rout map is explored,mapped & tested by DC

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