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Save the natural environment

According to the International Trail Running Association, trail running is defined as running through a natural environment (mountains, deserts, forests, plains, etc.) with a minimum amount of paved or asphalted roads, which must not exceed 20% of the total course. Of course, our route meets this definition. The type of terrain may vary (dirt path, forest footpaths, trails, etc.), and the route must be properly marked. That's why we have a responsibility to make our natural environment better.

Myanmar Trail Run is based upon the concept of life experience in a natural environment, integrating sport, healthy living, and conservation. It is organized with the respect for the environment. All runners should have special consideration to the following points:

It is prohibited for runners to leave clothing, bottles, food or drink wrappers, or any other type of waste along the route, except in places where there are specific trash containers.

In order to reduce waste and garbage, the Event will not include plastic cups. Runners should carry their own hydration system and/or bottles.

Our partner, Dream Clover has shared our concept and done several activities as their company's CSR program in Ywangan. One of them is "No littering campaign" with local school students. They created great trash boxes with children and located several places like a school, parks, streets in the village. Through these actions, Dream clover is promoting the sense of being environmentally conscious with local people. 

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