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Shan style dishes after the race

Recovering after a race is a key component of your running life. It is important to start your recovery nutrition plan as soon as possible to help your muscles mend more quickly. If you don't recover properly, you'll feel fatigued and may run the risk of injuring yourself when you return to running.

Your post race nutrition goals are threefold: 1) refuel muscle carbohydrate stores; 2) restore fluid and electrolytes lost in sweat; 3) provide nutrients to help repair muscle damage.

Immediately after finishing the race, replace depleted muscle glycogen by consuming carbohydrate-packed foods such as bananas, potatoes and rice. Many sports drinks like 100 plus supply carbohydrate, too. Your muscles are primed to convert carbohydrate to glycogen the fastest within 30 to 60 minutes post-race, called the "window of opportunity." That's why we will serve some traditional Shan style cuisine just after the race.

Here is a light meal we are planning to provide for runners after the race. One is "fish rice" in the center of this picture. Another is "Hinn Htoke" you can see on the right hand side of the picture. And "potato rice" will be provided , although you can't find it in this picture. These dishes contain mainly carbohydrate with some electrolytes and some protein. It would be an ideal recovery meal, wouldn't it?

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