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Ywa Ngan Fun Walk

concurrently hold with Ywa Ngan Trail 2019

Some potential runners told MTR that their friends or family members also wanted to join Ywa Ngan Trail 2019. However, they thought 23.3km running was tough a bit for them and needed another route for walk.

To meet their requests, MTR has set another 11.5km route for walkers. This event is NOT a race. Just for Fun!

There is NO need to pay "registration fee" for walkers, but participants should meet following requirements,

1. At least, one of the group members need to sign up as a racer of Ywa Ngan Trail 2019. (For example, a representative person of the group even though she/he won't do 23.3km race.) This registered person have to tell MTR all members' names and passport numbers.

2. Walkers don't mind NOT to get any benefits like race t-shirts, medals, aid station.... please carry some water and food by themselves.

3. MRT will NOT set any markers on the route for walkers. However, we can provide the map of Google Earth by email. So we highly recommend walkers will bring their mobile phones which Google Earth has already been installed. (And no marshals on the way.) 

4. Please don't interfere the runners. (If someone meets runners, please give way to runners, especially in the single trail.)

5. Walkers are prohibited for runners to leave clothing, bottles, food or drink wrappers, or any other type of waste along the route, except in places where there are specific trash containers.

Start/Finish point are the exact same place of Ywa Ngan Trail 2019

Start time will be at 6:45am (15 min later than YNT).

Our shuttle from/to Kalwa is available for walkers, but NOT free. (No worries, still affordable) .


If you need any information about Fun Walk, please feel free to contact us.

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